We like to share our small and big wins with our partners and customers


We like to share our small and big wins with our partners and customers







We like to share our small and big wins with our partners and customers







Protocol of collaboration with the IPCB

At January 5th, Proside signed a protocol of collaboration with the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (IPCB).

This protocol aims to create conditions to develop projects with the two entities, evolving training actions, research and technological development of solutions.

Proside and IPCB vow to work together towards creating training actions and technical-scientific upgrading, research and innovation projects, specialized service work, and other actions that meet both entities objectives

This is also a way for Proside to support the internships of IPCB computer engineering students, through Proside Academy.

The Proside Academy consolidates its activity in the Center of Innovative Companies (CEI) of Castelo Branco, composed by new talents, university students and recent graduates, willing to learn, evolve the knowledge, and prepare themselves for the reality of the work life in the IT areas

This is yet another investment from Proside to capture more skills by training talented young people that comes from IPCB.

Carlos Maia, President of IPCB pointed out the importance of signing this protocol with a company that is recognized nationally and internationally, and the added value it can bring to the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco and to the region.

Paulo Alves, Proside CEO, noted that "the IPCB is the ideal regional partner to bring young people and more talent to the development of the Proside Academy project" and this is just another step forward "to have at least 50 local engineers, to incubate and to create a great center of development of competences in the region ".

The meeting was attended by Carlos Maia, IPCB President, Paulo Alves, our CEO, João Ferreira of AICEP, Domingos Santos Director of CEDER, José Carlos Metrôlho Director of the School of Technology of IPCB and Bruno Matias, winner of the last edition of the Poliempreende contest, collaborator at Proside. 



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09 January 2017, by Filipa Pereira | Partnerships, Proside Academy

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